Welcome to our Guild

The Quiet Valley Quilters Welcome You

What can you expect at one of our meetings? Among other things; lots of laughs, beautiful quilts, and nice people!


Members check off their names on the sheet provided by the Membership Coordinators as record of attendance. Yearly membership is $20 and is due to the Membership Coordinators by October 1.

Show & Tell

Members bring quilted items to show and relate a little about the item to the other members. The Guild secretary records the information into the meeting minutes.

Workshop Information

Sign-up sheets for the Monthly Workshops with supply lists as appropriate are provided.  Workshop fees are $10 for Guild Members and $25 for non-members and are paid to the Workshop Coordinator.  Workshops are held monthly, except for September and December,and are usually on a Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM at the Church.  Workshops are often conducted by a Guild member; if an outside instructor is teaching the workshop, additional fees may be assessed.

Wear Your Name Tag

Guild Members who wear their name tags get  a 6 1/2″ square of fabric and are eligible to win a fat quarter of the fabric by placing their names in a basket for a drawing.  During the meeting, a new member or guest will be asked to draw a name from the basket. The person whose name is drawn wins the Fat Quarter and any 6 1/2″ squares that are left.  NOTE: This is the same material as the 6 1/2″ square.

Block Swap

Each month the Guild sponsors a Block of the Month.  The blocks the Guild members make are used for charity quilts.

Free Table

Guild members bring quilting related items they no longer want and put them on the “Free Table” for other Guild members to take.  If the items are not taken during the meeting, the person who brought them is responsible for taking the items home.

Discussion Items

Guild members or Coordinators will share information with other members. Guild members will ask the Guild President prior to the meeting to be put on the agenda or will ask during the meeting.

Table Talk

Upcoming Workshops: Workshop Coordinator will discuss the upcoming Workshops. Block Swap: Block Swap Coordinators will describe the monthly Block.

New Members

New Members and/or visitors will be asked to introduce themselves and may be asked to draw a name for the Block Swap and Name Tag baskets.

General Announcements
Tips & Techniques
Program for the Evening

Please join us; friends and guests are always welcome!

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