Quiet Valley Quilters Guild – List of Officers

Co-Presidents:    Nelle Knapp, Pat Lafontaine

Vice President:   Laura Bittel

Secretary:  Judith Smith

Treasurer:  Linda Toohey

Block of the Month:  Dianne Lamb

Historian:  Sharon Shorey

Hospitality:  Joanne Harrington

Membership:  Linda Toohey, Judith Smith

Newsletter:  Roberta Brankman

Programs:  Laura Bittel

Publicity:  Elyssa Macura

Quilt Cupboard:  Wendy Sharkey

Quiltfest:  Judith Smith, Charlene Adams

Workshops:  Abbie Dansereau


Other Positions:
Name Tag Fabric:  Pat Lafontaine
Raffle Quilt 2019:  Sharon Shorey
Sunshine:  Carolyn Boud