Challenge Quilts


2019 Challenge Quilts

 Turn the “Valley of the Kings” panel by Robert Kaufman into a quilt measuring 24 by 42 inches.  The provided panel was richly decorated in blues, reds, and gold.  

The source panel is in the center
The source panel is in the center
IMG_1165 IMG_1163

1st place:  Elyssa Macura, “King Tut’s Garden”
2nd place:  Gail O’Brien, “Egyptian Cats in the Garden”
3rd place:  Cheryl King, “The Eyes of Heaven”

2018 Challenge Quilts

The Challenge was based on the game of Risk.  Each person selected a country or region on the Risk game board and was given a paint chip with seven values of a color that corresponded to that country/region.  Quilters had to use at least three of those values plus one accent color restricted to 10% of the area.

Winners were:
1st place:  Mary Kohler, “Time Out” (North Africa, Egypt)
2nd place:  Abbie Labatt-Dansereau, “A Nod to Matisse” (Europe, Western Europe)
3rd place (3 way tie):  Charlene Adams, “Meru” (South Pacific, Indonesia); Beth Giard, “Flowers of Ukraine”; Judith Smith, “Log Cabin Blues” (Europe, Scandinavia)

IMG_1122 IMG_1121 IMG_1120 IMG_1119

2017 Challenge Quilts

The Challenge was based on the game of Monopoly.  Each person was given a state, a piece of fabric, and size requirements to produce the replica of a Monopoly game card.

20170917_143343 20170917_143332 20170917_143514 20170917_143316

1st Place:  Sharon Shorey, “Bass Harbor Light,” (Maine)
2nd Place:  Judith Smith, “Scenic Connecticut”
3rd Place (tie):  Avis Hayden, “Sassy Chick” (Arizona); Kristi Knapp Steere, “States Avenue”
Honorable Mention:  Charlene Adams, “Heart of Dixie;” Wendy Sharkey, “Dutch Amish;” Gail O’Brien, “Life at 12C Anton Road”
1st time entrants:  Cheryl King, Martha Raab-Hall, Jan Terk

2016 Challenge Quilts

The 2016 Challenge was based on the game of Clue.  Each person was given the name of a room, a character, and a piece of fabric to be used prominently in the quilt.

1st Place: Charlene Adams 2nd Place: Sharon Shorey 3rd Place: Mary Kohler
1st Place: Charlene Adams, “Miss Scarlett in the Lounge Playing Backgammon”
2nd Place (tie): Sharon Shorey, “Mrs. Peacock in the Conservatory Enjoying Life’s Beauty”
2nd Place (tie): Mary Kohler, “Mr. Green Outside the Conservatory Looking for Clues”

Challenge 2 2016Challenge 1 2016

2015 Challenge Quilts

The 2015 Challenge was “Use a Song Title as Inspiration”. Members had to find a song that spoke them; that put a picture in their mind, and then make a quilt that represented that picture. They also had to use the color purple and include a circle within the body of their quilt.

Challenge 2015

First Place: Dawn Andersen, “Alaska the Last Frontier”
Second Place: Sharon Shorey, “Under the Sea”
Third Place: Judith Smith, “Song Sung Blue”


2014 Challenge Quilts

The 2014 challenge was “Show us what you like best about Vermont.” This challenge asked that you include some yellow fabric and a maple leaf block in the body of your quilt.


First Place: Dawn Andersen, “Autumn in Vermont”
Second Place: Sharon Shorey, “Seasons of Vermont”
Third Place: Judith Smith, “Vermont Barns”


2013 Challenge Quilts

The 2013 Challenge was “Sunflowers”. For this years challenge at least one sunflower had to be included in the body of the quilt as well as a log cabin block and black and white fabric.


First Place: Mary Kohler, “Oreo and Sunflower”
Second Place: Charlene Adams, “Fleur de Soliel”
Third Place: Ginny Hanby, “Blue Skies and Sunflowers”


2012 Challenge Quilts

The 2012 Challenge was “The Four Seasons”. For this challenge at least two seasons needed to be portrayed in the quilt. They could be blended or kept separate; but if they were separate they needed to create a cohesive whole. And because this was challenge quilt, there had to be a “flying geese” block used within the body of the quilt, a plaid fabric had be used, and last but not least, the color fuchsia had to be included.


First Place: Judith P. Smith, “The Four Seasons”
Second Place: Sharon Shorey, “Falling through the Year”
Third Place: Ginny Hanby, “Four Seasons in the Life of a Quilt”


2011 Challenge Quilts

The 2011 challenge theme was “Favorite Holiday” and the winners were chosen by the Guild members.


A three-way tie for first place went to Judith Smith (“Cranberry Christmas”), Mary Kohler (“The Quail Family Christmas Quartet”), and Kristi Knapp Steere (“Crazy About Halloween”).


2010 Challenge Quilts

The 2010 challenge was “Night/Knight” and additional requirements were to include a Bear’s Paw block, a plaid fabric, and the colors red and yellow. The finished pieces had to be 20″ square.


First Place: Sharon Shorey, “Goodnite Charlie”
Second Place: Judith Smith, “Approaching Night”
Third Place: Mary Kohler, “Night Owl”

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2009 Challenge Quilts

The 2009 challenge was “Water.” Water in any of its phases must be portrayed prominently in the quilt.


First Place: Charlene Adams, “Newport Wave”
Second Place: Dawn Andersen, “Honu (Green Sea Turtle)
Third Place: Judith Smith, “The Great Wave”

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